and other thoughts...

and other thoughts...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Am I really back?

I haven't blogged consistently for several years now, and I keep thinking I'm ready to start again. But then I write one post and fail to write again for months.

I'm going to give this one more shot. I got this.

cough cough.

I write to let you know... I'm a training goddess. Well, sort of. I'm certainly training lots more than I was last year at this time.  Last year at this time I was teaching full time and running when I could--which wasn't often enough. Yes, in 2015 I took a full year completely off from triathlon, and as a result  I'm no longer completely burned out of the sport. I'm actually not even a little burned out. I'm actually ready to just train... and train... and joyfully get myself completely burned out all over again. But that won't happen for a little while, so I will just fill you in on how super everything is going right now.

First off, I hired my awesome business partner, Ange, to be my coach. She is awesome. Of course she's awesome! Would I be in business with anyone not awesome? An added bonus for me is that Ange knows me very, very well both as a person and an athlete. She knows what I can do, and she doesn't over or under estimate me. She cautions me to hold back when I get overzealous. She gives me pats on the back when I do well in a workout. She doesn't let me feel guilty when I shortchange a workout--which doesn't happen often, but when it does I have trouble letting it go. I do miss Kurt--who also knows me very well, and under whom I PR'd at every distance. If you are looking to hire a coach I think you should hire me--or Ange. But if you don't hire us, I recommend Kurt (or any PBM coach. They are all excellent.)

I'm pretty excited for racing this season. My first big event is Galveston 70.3.  I'm traveling to Texas with my good friend and training partner, Melissa. Mel and I are actually racing three times together in 2016: at Galveston, in the Patriot half IM in June, and in Ironman Maryland in October. My "A" race is obviously IM Maryland, but I'm pretty excited to go hard in all my 2016 races.

Because I know you are very, very excited to hear all about my training (of course you are!), I will highlight what's going on in each discipline. I'm swimming with Wellesley Masters again, after taking last year off. I've been super dedicated about getting to practice, and as a consequence I'm now in decent swim shape. I admit things were ugly at the start. In my first few practices my arms felt like tree trunks after like 1000 yards. Of course, more important than my progress in swimming is my progress in updating my swim suit collection. I have recently purchased several highly fashionable additions--including caps to match. Also, my lovely Jordan, now 14, has grown out of a few of her suits, and I have acquired them. (She's 4 inches taller than me now, which isn't that hard to achieve since I'm only 5'2", but still....)
Here is a sampling of my fab swim attire:
I wore this at this morning's practice.

These are suits new to my collection. I've had the zebra before, but it became x-rated after using it for too many swims, and had to be retired, so I got a new one.

And here are some gems I inherited from Jordan:
Are you struggling to motivate yourself in the swim? Here's some advice: get a few new swimsuits (with matching caps). Wearing a new suit almost makes you forget that you actually have to get in that freezing cold pool and swim.

Onto biking.
I'm loving biking. When I don't have intervals. When I don't have intervals I watch "Orange is the New Black" while on the trainer. I've just started season 2. My favorite character is probably Suzanne "Crazy Eyes."
Sadly, when I do intervals I can't watch the tube. I get too into the show and fail to achieve the correct wattage. I am having some fun trying to get stronger. I have yet to achieve even close to the highest FTP I once achieved (at 41). Sadly, I'm not sure I ever will, though I'll keep at it! Unfortunately, I'm going down the age hill rather than up it. Time ain't on my side in PR land.

And running....
I spent all last year running. I ran 3 marathons... each one faster than the last. And then I injured myself. Of course I did! I'm 45. And I was running over 50 miles a week. DOI. Now I'm basically healed (basically) and getting in the running I need to do. I haven't even slowed down that much, though I did "race" a rather pitiful 5k on the New Year's Day. (I'm attributing that fine performance to the effect of imbibing the previous evening, though....) As a matter of fact, as I write I am procrastinating going on a run. It looks mighty cold out there. Snow is blowing all around....

And on that note, I will write again soon.
I really will.


  1. Glad you're back, Mary!

  2. Can I wear it even if I swim slowly for 30 minutes among the babushkas in bathwater?

  3. Hmmm..guess I need to buy the matching caps..Silly me.

  4. I thought you said "onto bikini" I love "bikini" ... but then I was wondering how you can watch "Orange is the new black" while swimming ;) .... the bike legs will come around - I promise!

  5. you better keep writing!! - kim kaltreider

  6. So glad you are back with us. Amazing start to the new blogs, I also love the swimsuits, will be looking for matching swim caps very soon, keep up all the hard work you have put in so far as I know it will pay off in the near future, one hundred fold. Will be showing my husband tonight, thanks.

    Ceilia @ Chynna Dolls